When you are looking for the best quality recycled tyres then you have reached the right place. Airecy is a major dealer in used aircraft tyres. These tyres, which are sometimes known as 'Bomber Tyres', are particularly applicable for the following types of Industry and Machinery...


Field Bins
Travel Lifts (Cradles)
Front-end Loaders
Harvesters (Chaser Bins)
Wharf Fenders

Heavy Duty Applications
Tug & Service Vessels Fenders
Mobile Equipment
Wheel Barrows
Planting Machines
Steel Foundry Trolleys


With sizes available from 4" rims up to 22" rims, and up to 32 ply with some larger sizes, it is no wonder why so many businesses are looking at Airecy for a different solution to their needs.

Used aeroplane tyres have large load carrying capacity, good floatation properties, high impact and puncture resistance. The heavy tread protects the cord body from moisture, bruises, snags and cuts. They are ideally suited to harsh environments, i.e. thorns, stakes and abrasive surfaces.

The super strength and durability of the aircraft tyre is one of the biggest reasons why so many original equipment manufacturers from around the world fit used aircraft tyres. Airecy can supply you with a wide range of solutions.

Certain tyre sizes are available in full tread. We can also have any given tyre retreaded in a pattern to suit your particular requirements.

We also supply Tubes & Rust Bands to suit aircraft tyres.  There is no other conventional tyre as strong and long lasting, size for size as an aircraft tyre.

The incredible thickness of the tread and sidewall allied with the outstanding internal construction give aircraft tyres an edge on other forms of tyres, particularly when used in rough terrain, abrasive surfaces , would be puncture zone, supporting heavy loads and marine fendering.

Aircraft tyres, because of their broad width to height ratio are ideal where floatation is needed on agricultural machinery. We at Airecy can supply most aircraft tyres in the following forms...

• Worn • Slicked Up • Aviation Retreaded • Retreaded with Your Tread for your Use

If you are requiring any detailed information on Tyre Specifications or Whees and Rims, please visit the Tyres List and the Wheels & Rims pages.